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Important Instruction for Admission

  1. Terms and conditions set by the govt. of Punjab and concerned universities would be applicable.
  2. A passport size photography duely attested and signed shall be pasted on the admission form by the candidate. Three latest photo are to be brought at the time of interview and efficiency test.
  3. Candidates shall provide eligibility certificate from the concerned university at the time of admission which shall be checked by the concerned colleges.
  4. Physical Efficiency test & interview will be as follows :
    • All candidates shall report at 7 am in the hall.
    • After collecting Identification/ Interview card the candidates shall report in the grounds for physical efficiency test.
    • Only two chances will be given for clearing the test. Candidates has to clear the test in 35 sec. or less without any mistake . the detail of the test is on page no. 10 & 11.
    • Original certificate; Academic, reserve seats, sports certificates will be seen by the respective evaluation committees.
  5. Gradation by the sports departments will be considered for taking benefit of sports certificate. Provided those sports which are not graded by the sports dept. but they are in the all India inter university calendar. For evaluation purposes have been categorized as "A" + "B" 'A' category shall have only graded certificates. All non-graded sports shall come under "B" Category. "B" category shall have two and half marks less than 'A' category sports. For taking benefit of non-graded certificates it is mendatory to fulfil following terms:

Fee Structure

# Courses Fee
1 C.P.Ed 25,000 / annual
2 B.P.Ed 32,000 / annual
3 M.P.Ed 45,000 / annual